5 minute sketch

When my parents ask me how college is going




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Neckpiece inspired by water

Cuff bracelet inspired by car lights in Hong Kong

Ring bracelet inspired by puddles created by the blades when rowing. I miss rowing.


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When I can’t fit all my belongings in my suitcase

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Personality traits in an eight



It’s pretty obvious what traits a cox must adopt and tries to learn to do a good job in this most unique position in the athletic world.I’ll pass on the leadership stuff, napoleon complex garbage, and point out a secondary characteristic or two that coxes unintentionally inherit after riding in the box for a while. They can’t drive a car anymore. They take 10 miles to change a lane,oversteer, can’t find the brakes, and yell to the car a lot. This has nothing to do with the coxes’ former driving ability. Stick Richard Petty in a cox seat for awhile, they’ll take his driver’s license away. Coxes also begin to squint a lot, no loss in vision, they just squint.


‘It’s a tough job but only I can do it.’ The meekest, most frightened non-rower in the world; when plugged reluctantly in the stroke seat, stays meek up until the first few strokes. The first few paddlestrokes, a thought grows in the wimps’ sniveling little mind that this job is his/hers for life. Back on the shore, the real personality will percolate back to the surface. ‘I hope you guys could follow me ok.’ In the boat they’re thinking: ‘stop rushing, you weenies!’ Strokes are born and made to be the most competitive person in the boat by far, and if they stroke long enough, become overly competitive in everything they pursue,or don’t pursue. Don’t expect to finish a game of Monopoly, Risk, or Golf with a stroke. The only one that can beat him to the chow line is the three man (more later) because the stroke was delayed trying to put more oars away in the rack than anyone else.

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Negative thoughts and energy will never move you forward.  Staying positive is the first step in making long-term, consistent progress.

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Celtic knot pattern inspired by turtle shell

40 minutes

40 minutes

40 minutes